Wean Meister Easy Rinse Silicone Baby Catch Feeding Bib - Blue 2 Pk

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Beautiful Silicone Baby Catch Bibs are a must when baby starts to feed themselves!

Save time and mess with our silicone Wean Meister Catch Bibs

Babies love to make a mess and food is no exception – Catch All Bibs are a must for weaning. Our silicone baby bibs will make feeding time as easy and comfortable as possible for both you and baby!

Given how many meals your baby will eat each day you can imagine that's 21 bibs a week that will need washing!

Use our silicone catch bibs and save so much time - rinse or wipe clean in seconds after every meal. No soaking or need to wash in the washing machine - so save water too!

There are many catch bibs on the market today but none are as beautiful, functional or soft and comfortable for your baby’s little neck than our Wean Mesiter silicone bibs!

Wean Meister’s EasyRinse Bibs are:

  • Light weight, will not get in baby’s or toddler’s way like some other brands of Easy Rinse bibs
  • Easy to keep clean; Bacteria resistant materials means no build up of germs
  • Adjustable neck fastenings to easily fit babies from 6 months – 2 years
  • Have a built in food catcher tray to save you cleaning time
  • Wean Meister Bibs are sold in twin packs - making them a wonderful baby shower gift.
  • Also available in Green & Pink