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Organic Calming Labour Oil

Organic Calming Labour Oil

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Essential Oils are known to assist in labour, relaxing Mum during the birthing process by easing pain, and tension. Our 100% safe & pure, certified organic essential Calming Labour oil is a must in any hospital bag to relax and ground mum during labour:

How can our organic calming labour oil help you during the delivery of your child?

Cedarwood Atlas - Soothes and grounds to help reduce stress, anxiety and tension.

Lemon - Helps to restore your focus.

Mandarin Red - Helps revive and restore mental energy when you need it most.

Lavender Maillette - Brings deep relaxation and stimulates circulation which in turn facilitates easy breathing.

Bergamot - Gently releases pent-up emotion.

Chamomile Roman - Helps bring a sense of calm.



Dad to be or Midwife can diffuse into air, or add two drops to a tissue and place under your pillow.


*Cedarwood atlas, *lemon, *mandarin red, *lavender maillette, *bergamot, *chamomile roman 

*certified organic ingredients