Organic Baby Bath & Massage Oil

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Who doesn't love a massage after a relaxing bath? Your baby will sleep peacefully after a bath & massage with our organic blend of nutrient-rich oils that will leave baby's intensely nourished and smooth.

Imagine enjoying the pleasant smell and warm glow from your baby's happy little smile whilst you lovingly massage their little body. Then snuggle baby in for a restful night - doesn't that sound beautiful? 

Our 60ml bottle of organic baby bath & massage oil has no added essential oils, and is 100 % natural; especially suited to newborns. There are no hidden chemicals in this bottle.


Warm a small amount of oil between hands before massaging into skin. Alternatively, add a few drops to a warm bath to moisturise and protect baby's sensitive skin.

Other uses: 

  • Perfect for cradle cap, simply massage a small amount into baby's scalp to soften skin. Leave to absorb overnight before gently washing hair and lifting away dead skin with a soft brush. 
  • Can even be used for mum,  as a body oil throughout pregnancy and after birth. Both camellia and jojoba oil are documented for their ability to prevent and treat stretch marks.

Just to make sure your baby doesn't have an allergies here is a list of ingredients;

Pure sweet almond oil, *jojoba oil, *camellia oil, natural vitamin e 
*certified organic ingredients