Nattou Nattou Soft Baby Spiral Pram - Cot Toy - Rigolous Horse

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Your Baby will love this Nattou Rigolous Spiral Toy - attach to the Pram, Stroller or Cot!

Nattou Rigolous Spiral toy is so soft and fun - your baby will love grasping, touching, listening and looking at these cute little horse & elephant friends.

Attach the Nattou cuddly toys to your baby's cot linking the spirals around the rails - your baby will goo and gah as they interact with this cute spiral.

Going out for a walk in the pram - easy just twist your Nattou Spiral toy around the bumper bar and away you go! Baby will love listening to the soothing sounds as you stroll along.

Finished in attractive and inviting textiles the Nattou toys collections easily blend in with baby's room decor so baby can happily enjoy their favourite cuddly toys both day and night.

The Nattou cuddlies encourage baby during explorations, when going to sleep and during greater and lesser grief in the first months of life. They give your baby the required trust, gentle security and comfort at crucial moments in the early stages of growth and development

Nattou Rigolous Horse Spiral Toy Features:

  • Soft & Cuddley to help soothe baby
  • Easily moves from the cot to the pram even the car
  • Easy to attach simply loop around the pram bar or over the cot rails
  • Fantastic for entertaining baby; Your baby can listen, watch, move, grasp, feel or nibble this wonderful toy
  • Made from Synthetic Fibre
  • Soft tones of pastel brown, blue & white

Nattou Rigolous Spiral Toy Dimensions: 

Size: 10 x 20 x 21cm

With the right care, you will be able to enjoy your Nattou product for a very long time. Please always follow the instructions on the labels.

Clean only the surface of the product, hand wash.
Machine washable at maximum 30° C
Do not bleach
Do not iron
Do not dry clean
Do not tumble dry