Glass Baby Bottles Twin Pack 150ml Colour Change


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Glass baby bottles are the safest, most durable bottle for feeding baby. Our glass baby bottles are made from high tempered borosilicate glass, making them safe, reliable, durable, washable and 100% BPA & PVC Free. 

Our wide neck glass baby bottles have a Colour Change silicone sleeve which not only makes the glass bottle easier to grip but protects the glass from damage if dropped. The small peep holes allow you to still see how much milk is in the bottle. The Colour Change silicone sleeves are interchangeable meaning that you can have as many colours as you like!

The Colour Change sleeve can withstand temperatures of up to 260°C meaning that the whole bottle is dishwasher safe.

How does the Colour Change Sleeve work?

The recommended highest temperature of baby milk and other liquids is 42 degrees is the recommended highest temperature for baby milk and other liquids.The 100% food grade colour change silicone sleeve will change to white when the liquid inside the glass bottle is 42 degrees or over, meaning it will let you know it the bottle is too hot!

Glass Baby Bottle Buttons

Storage, Cleaning and Compatibility:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Steriliser safe
  • Fits most other wide neck teats
  • Compatible with most other wide neck breast pumps 

 Available in a variety of colours;

Baby Boys - Blues

Baby Girls - Pinks

Berry - Purple & Red

Citrus - Yellow & Orange

Apple - Greens

Included in the box:

  • 2 x 150mL Glass milk bottles with silicon colour change sleeves in Dark Blue and Light Blue (changes to white)
  • 2 x Travel seals
  • 2 x screw caps and lids
  • 2 x Slow flow, 0-3 months, nitrosamine-free silicon teats 

 The product comes with 12 month warranty.

Accessories available include;

Wide neck teats, sippy handles, silicone sleeves

Also available in 240ml packs