Down To The Woods - Handmade Woollen 3 meter Decorative Monochrome Ball Garland

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Kids room decor; 3 meter Monochrome Black, Grey & White String Ball Garland. Beautifully handmade our Down To The Woods string Pom Pom Ball garland is ideal for decorating your kids bedroom; drape the ball garland over a frame, above the bed, or simply swag on the wall.

Our woollen string ball garlands will add the finishing touches to your kids room makeover!

Monochrome woollen pom pom balls on a 3 meter string in tones of black, grey & white - perfect decor additional for a modern unisex baby nursery, or even teenage boys bedroom.



3 meters in length. Wool multi coloured. All garlands are handmade so the colours are slightly different and never two are the same. Comes in a reusable glass jar, making these garlands the perfect gift.