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Bumbo toddler step stool

Bumbo Step Stool

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Bumbo Toddler Step Stool - Sturdy & Cute 


Step Stools are tradionally boring - not any more! The Bumbo Step Stool will not only help your toddler reach the bathroom sink, kitchen bench or hard to reach places, this adorable step stool is shaped like an elephants foot - making kids excited to use it!

The Bumboo kiddy step stool features rubber grips around the entire base to ensure your child is safe from slips on floors, and also features an all over textured non slip top to keep your toddler safely in place.

Help your little to become one step closer to being independant with the assurance of a high quality bumbo step stool.

Bumbo Step Stool Features;

  • Durable plastic toddler step stool made with high quality materials to withstand up to 50kg
  • Slip resistant base to keep you kids safely on the ground

Bumbo Step Stool Toilet TrainingBumbo Step Stool Bathroom Sink

  • Non slip top to give your toddler a secure step when reaching the toilet or bench