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Quuat Ballo Beach Bucket Mint
Quuat Ballo Bucket
Quuat Ballo Beach Bucket Pink

Ballo - Ball Shaped Bucket

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Quuat Ballo is a sperical shaped beach bucket - perfect for reducing spills on the way back to the sandcastle from the water.

We've all been there as parents - out kids are enjoying playing in the sand building the perfect sandcastle they finish shaping the moat - but they just need some water. So they happily run down to the sea to fill up their bucket and on the way back to their sandcastle the water is sloshing about and by the time they get there - there is no water left! 

The Quuat Ballo has been designed to minimise the spills making happy kids and happy parents.

Enjoy more fun in the sun with Ballo

Measures approx 19 x 19 x19cm