BabyRest - Ventilated Toddler Cot Pillow


Ventilated Toddler Pillow - Cot Pillow

There will come a time when your toddler wants their very own pillow. Using the wrong size pillow can cause neck issues for your toddler that's why Babyrest have designed specific pillows for toddlers size and shape.

Baby Rest Ventilated Toddler Cot Pillow Features; 

Same design as the traditional cot pillow

Maximum airflow and freshness with ventilated foam core – pillow stays cleaner for longer

Foam core treated Purify Anti-Microbial™ to protect your toddler from allergy related microbes, dust mites and bacteria

Outer layer made from breathable thermal bonded polyester for extra comfort


Your toddlers health is important - using a Ventilated Toddler Pillow is not recommended under the age of 1 years of age.

Size: 560 x 330mm