Aroma O'mm- Bamboo


Ultrasonic Vaporisers use vibrations to retain essential oils in their 100% purest form, and once dispersed into the air they are easily inhaled and absorbed, offering health and healing benefits.






Unlike traditional vaporisers the Aroma Bloom uses no heat source and minimal water so there is NO condensation created making them safe for the whole family including babies and children to use.






Negative ions help remove dust, germs and bacteria in the air to assist with breathing, improving sleep and enhancing general wellbeing. The Aroma O’MM is great for children with asthma.






Purify the air in your home to remove allergies, stale air and odours. Our essential oil blends also have antibacterial properties, as these are dispersed into the atmosphere, will also assist to cleanse and clean the air and rid of air-borne bacteria.






The Aroma O’MM uses ultrasonic waves to create air moisture to combat the drying effects of heating and air-conditioning. This beautifies and moisturises the skin, and is ideal even in warmer climates and may assist making breathing easier during illness.






Each of the ultrasonic diffusers offer a slightly different lighting feature using healthy LED lighting. All diffusers can run with the light completely off (emitting no light at all)






The Aroma O’MM diffuser offers an elegant understated design with real bamboo for natural ecofriendly finish.



·         5 in 1 multifunction - Diffuser Vaporiser, Humidifier, Ioniser, Air Purifier, Night Lamp



·         Operates up to 6hrs continuous/10hrs intermittent – perfect for overnight use



·         100ml Water Capacity



·         Uses Ultrasonic Cool Mist technology – no condensation



·         No heat source used – safe to use for the whole family



·         Auto switch off on low water level



·         Easily adjust the Mist to personalise your experience



·         Night Light can be switched off, ideal for sleeping



·         Product size 9 x 15cm



·         Mist dispersion covers 15-20 sq/m



·         Voltage 24V, power 12W, operates 2.4 million Htz/sec



·         Real bamboo finish




·         Soft white light with dual intensity settings.