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All4Ella Milestone Blocks Natural Boy

All4Ella Milestone Blocks Natural Boy

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Wooden Milestone Blocks are a fun and creative way to photograph your pregnancy, instagram your newborn baby milestons or even use for an older child - never miss your kids milestones again.

Milestone Blocks are the perfect for addition for your photo moments for social media, creating your scrapbook or even your child's baby book.

Each set of ALL4ELLA Milestone Blocks contain 2 x Number combination blocks and 1 x weeks months and years - finished in a lovely natural wooden finish in baby boy colours

Capture everything from the number of weeks pregnant you are through to your baby's milestones and don't forget you can use these throughout the school years too!

Milestone blocks are great for baby shower gifts or newborn baby girft

Each block is 10cm x 10cm x 10cm