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Infasecure has been engineering childrens products in Australia for over 60 years and is 100% Australian owned.

Starting out in children's clothing and accessories in 1950's Infasecure soon started developing revolutionary child restraints in the 1990's.

Safety and innovation is always at the forefront of Infasecure's child restraints  - many of their products have been a first within the Industry;

  • Designed & manufactured the first 0 to 4 compact convertible car seat in Australia
  • The development of the top tether snap keeper clip
  • The first revolving car seat in Australia - Turn a Tot
  • The first pull-out bath change table solution in Australia.
  • Designed & manufactured the first (and only) 0 to 8 convertible car seat - with multiple 0-8 child restraints in the range now
  • The first folding untethered booster seat
  • The first Type G child restraint designed to harness children up to 8 years old

Infasecure have a large range of child restraints in the range including;

Infant carriers, convertible restraints, forward facing, boosters and convertible booster seats

You know you are buying safe child seat when you purchase an Infasecure seat. The new Granduer range comes with Secur-air and Air Cocoon Technology providing a triple layer of air protection for your child.

Infasecure don't only engineer child restraints - there is a large range of nursery products including high chairs, bassinets, bath baths and toilet training products.